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Importance of the procurement flow
On a production line and in a laboratory or research centre, the efficiency of the production process is closely related to the availability of raw materials and spare parts. Often, the vast number of materials or parts required at the point of use in production centres makes the management of procurement from storage sites a highly complex affair.


Key issue
Even today, many companies manage the information flows between places of storage and use “manually”. This leads to slowdowns, sources of errors and wastages which are often passed onto the entire production chain.


Computerising and automating procurement flows
We can analyse these flows for our industrial customers and then offer tailor-made procurement management tools in order to satisfy the primary concern of any production centre: “to have the right product in the right place at the right time” during the course of a manufacturing cycle. By using identification technologies (e.g. bar codes, Datamatrix and RFID), combined with hardware solutions (e.g. readers, electronic order picking and voice order picking), our software programs can guarantee the levels of stock on production sites by managing the Supply Chain in association with your own production management tool. Our approach can be fully integrated into Lean and Kaisen approaches.

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