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Our business consists of devising, developing, installing and maintaining software solutions that will facilitate your logistical activities, both today and tomorrow.


"Business" solutions

Because every business has its unique characteristics, we analyse your needs and logistics processes so that we can offer you the most appropriate solutions. Our aim is to offer you tools to manage, protect and optimise your processing of information flows. We help you to guarantee the supply of products to the place of use.


Birth of our solutions

In certain fields, we have developed turnkey business solutions based on over ten years’ experience in software package publication as well as in hospital and industrial logistics. These solutions have been developed in response to our customers’ demands, based upon an extensive analysis and observation of their needs.

Your logistics information technology partner

Our solutions offer a detailed response to the practical requirements of the business for which they are designed. Thanks to our users’ feedback, these solutions are constantly improved during their life cycle. Already very mature, they are thus constantly improved and requalified according to technical and regulatory developments. This creative process allows us to guarantee the reliability, efficiency, speed, adaptability and user-friendliness of our tools.


Technical philosophy underpinning our solutions

Our solutions are designed to satisfy their users (logistics departments, agents, preparers, etc.) as well as the IT staff responsible for managing the applications. We are careful to offer solutions that are simple to implement and easy to update and maintain. The needs in terms of hardware resources are optimised. Integration into the information system is facilitated by the provision of interface modules. There is a minimal need for user training as we have paid particular attention to designing our user interfaces in order to speed up the familiarisation process. This approach allows us to guarantee reduced costs, both in the rollout and setting up phase and in the operation and maintenance phase.