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Gestion Pharmacie

The headlines in recent months have prompted hospital professionals to consider ways of improving and strengthening their procedures in order to improve the safety of the transportation, storage and administration/use of products required for patient care.

Safety, traceability and budgetary requirements are becoming ever more stringent. The management of logistical tasks increases the pressure and constraints on healthcare personnel who are often required to deal with these new constraints while the allocated resources remain the same.

Tagtic’s solutions are a response to these new requirements.


Our aim

We have developed business solutions designed to optimise the logistical management of the internal procurement flow. This flow covers the transportation of products from the place of delivery/storage (pharmacy or central warehouse) to the places of use (healthcare departments). With these tools, we can help healthcare staff, managers, logisticians, preparers and pharmacists with their daily management tasks and with the analysis of flows and their components (e.g. internal orders, transportation and storage).


Gain de temps


Our range of solutions

This consists of a software suite with different modules designed to :

  • Accurately identify the products of the procurement flow.
  • Receive accurate and reliable internal ordering information.
  • Process order preparation and delivery in an optimal and secure manner.
  • Offer a delivery service that satisfies the needs of the places of use.


Our ambition

To "save your time" on logistical tasks, thus allowing you to concentrate on your primary concern: your patients' health.