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Electronic picking

Functional description

Used in association with our Full-Empty management module, this tool allows for the direct transmission of picking plans to a portable terminal, thus eliminating the use of paper documents.


The terminal receives information concerning orders to be prepared via the WIFI network or via port synchronisation. The picking plan is automatically adapted to optimise the preparation route by taking account of the organisation of the storage system and sites. Barcode consistency checks allow the operator to verify that the product picked corresponds to the product ordered (via an audible and/or visual indicator). Differences between the quantity ordered and the quantity supplied are entered into the terminal in real time as the picking is performed. In this way, stock preparation and withdrawal errors are reduced.


Key points :
  • Elimination of picking plans on paper.
  • Elimination of manual entries, including corrections of quantities ordered/supplied.
  • Fewer errors thanks to optical readings and checking of the picked products.



Module Préparation Plein-Vide

In addition, the module also allows you to record direct warehouse withdrawals. This function is very useful for processing orders received on paper slips (i.e. without being scanned via the Full-Empty Management module in the healthcare department or without being entered into the Intranet management module).

After identifying the destination functional unit, the operator can scan the warehouse labels in order to record the withdrawals and he or she only has to enter the quantity via the reader keypad.


After approval, it is possible to print out the corresponding delivery orders, and the stock withdrawal information is sent to your stock management system with no need for manual entry.


Key points:

  • Elimination of manual entries into the stock management system
  • Fewer errors thanks to optical reading
  • More flexible system (capable of managing non-computerised departments in full/empty mode or products that you do not want to manage in this mode)



Information about the hardware and software environment required for implementing our Electronic Picking management module is listed below.

WIFI network or Batch Mode

For optimal use of the module, the preparation areas of the warehouse and/or pharmacy must be covered by a WIFI network (802.11 b/g). It should be noted that “shadow” areas (areas not covered) may exist and these will be managed by the software module.

In the absence of a WIFI network, a Batch mode (port synchronisation) system may also be used.

Optical reader:

Lecteur code barre WAP

  • PSION WorkAbout Pro G4 S optical reader (640 x 480 colour touch screen)
  • OS Microsoft Windows 6.0
  • CCD 2D scanner
  • Puits de connexion (USB) et chargement
  • WIFI 802.11 b/g board (please contact us for a list of the available security protocols)

Download Zebra manufacturer's data sheet - WorkAbout Pro





It is very easy to integrate the module into your HIS. This is carried out via the Full-Empty management module into which the Intranet management is completely integrated.


Therefore, no additional interface is required for the implementation of the Intranet Management module. The existing modules included in your HIS and the Full-Empty management module will suffice (see the “Interfaces” section of the Full-Empty Management module).