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Intranet management

Functional description

Used in association with our Full-Empty management module, this tool allows healthcare departments to enter additional procurement orders via the Intranet.


For example, it is possible to place urgent full-empty restocking orders (double stock-out) or orders for products not included in the capitation. Lists of products not included in capitations may be global or customised for each healthcare department in the form of catalogues with management of quotas over quantities. The orders placed are integrated into the Full-Empty management system in real time and can thus be prepared in the pharmacy or warehouses. Direct entry by the user at the place of use and the elimination of paper orders help to reduce errors and significantly improve processing times.

Module Intranet Plein-Vide In order to facilitate the familiarisation process in healthcare departments and allow for use by staff without any special training, we have paid particular attention to the design of the user interface. It is simple and intuitive and can be used by anyone capable of browsing a website.

On the technical level, the use of ASP.Net technology guarantees easy implementation and perfect integration into your HIS. It can also be used in remote user sites (retirement homes, prisons, etc.), thus optimising the information flows to and from the pharmacy or warehouses


Key points :
  • Entry of information directly at the place of use / Elimination of paper orders.
  • Real-time computerised transmission of information.
  • Easy to implement and simple to use.



Information about the hardware and software environment required for implementing our order management module on the Intranet is listed below.


Server specifications :

In principle, it is possible to use the same server as the Full-Empty management module. In this case, there is no need for any other hardware investments. However, for very large sites, such as university hospitals with very high rates of use, it may be necessary to use a specific dedicated server. Please contact us for approval of the specifications according to your site.

IIS 6.0 (standard Windows components) or a higher version must be installed on the server.


Client specifications :

  • Intranet access module for access via Internet Explorer 9.0 (or higher).
  • Client resolution must be 1024 x 768.




It is very easy to integrate the module into your HIS. This is carried out via the Full-Empty management module with which Intranet management is completely integrated.


Therefore, no additional interface is required for the implementation of the Intranet Management module. The existing modules included in your HIS and the Full-Empty management module will suffice (see the “Interfaces” section of the Full-Empty Management module).